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Get your own home page!What? You still don't have your banner? If you don't have your own web site get it now with WebMinds. If you have your own page you just have to have your own banner for advertisement purposes. This is it. And here we can generate one for you for free if you promise us to put a link to us anywere on your page (just a promise, we will not check it out). We will supply you with a code for a link with your order. it's as simple as 1-2-3. Just E-mail us text you want to appear on your banner, size in pixels and style (from bellow). You'll get your animated banner in mail ASAP. Thank you. Speed of banner text scrolling will be appropriatly customized for the text your provide. If you're not satisfied with speed just let us know at It is also possible to put a custom background image or color. Don't be shy. Speak to us.

Simple banner

Simple banner with drop shadow

Embossed banner

Teletype banner

Teletype banner with drop shadow

Backlight banner

Neon banner

Texure banner with drop shadow

my_bannerfuax.gif (8246 bytes) Faux banner. Great one, encourages people to click on it to "scroll" the content and next thing they know... they are at your page.


Enter your e-mail address

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Put here the size of the banner your would like to get and any other comments. Default size will be 468 by 60 pixels.

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