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  So, it is established. I am one big fan of Porsche. But for now it is too much and we Drivers wanted!discovered another great German automaker. You might laugh, but Volkswagen makes much more than just the Bug. It makes hand full of dependable, cute and fun to drive cars. Something so unlike generic Toyotas or Hondas. We probably got one of very few cars under $20,000 that actually attracts people's attention. It is very cute and incredibly full of fun Cabrio. Only if they would put that hot VR6 under the hood...

  Spider! Isn't it cute?

And yet another auto. Another euro automaker. Now in Italy. And the cutest car ever made. Victoria's dream car. She just cannot wait for Alfa Romeo to come back to USA. Let's hope it will be soon. No, really. Isn't it cute? Even cutter!



But machine is mean.







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